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It’s time you transform your words from scripts to soundtracks with Wright Book Associates’ professional audiobook services. We'll give your story the right voice and take it to the next level with the help of our professional audiobook narrators. Here's how:

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UK Audiobook Services
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Amplify your stories with Professional Audiobook Services

If you want to reach the digital masses and explore new audiences, audiobooks are the way to go. Lucky for you, we've got the services to make your audiobook dreams come true. We'll help you tap into newer markets ranging from countless people who are not such avid readers, live a fast-paced life, or simply prefer the sensory experience. Give your story the perfect symphony. With the UK's audiobook customer services, we'll let your words be heard in the right voice and right quality, anywhere, anytime.

Our Audiobook Narration and Production Process

Audiobook Process

Contact Us - Fill the Requriments

f you are looking to avail of our services, first of all, you'll have to place an order on our website by filling out a brief form. Just provide all the required crucial information - Make sure you don’t miss out on anything - So, just clearly answer what has been asked. Now, wait; any of our project managers will reach out to you very soon.

Audiobook ProcessAudiobook Process

Research and Outline Draft

Once your order is confirmed by you, we will connect you with one of our best audio narrators best suited to your story’s audio needs. Our team of well-seasoned audio book narrators will research all your needs and present you with a draft to approve. However, if you don’t have any with the plan, you are free to give suggestions.

Audiobook Process

First Audiobook Chapter Approval

Once you’ve approved our draft, our professionals will get to work on your audiobook chapter. By combining all your interests, tones, writing styles, and stories into a narration style tailored to you, your first audiobook chapter will be made as captivating and engaging as possible. Then, we'll hand it over for you to approve.

Audiobook Process

Finest Editing and Proofreading

Once you’ve approved the first chapter, our team of professionals will go over it a few more times and make edits wherever needed, just so your website is perfected to the T and in line with your feedback. Just to be clear, we have a team of professional editors and proofreaders that sets you tension-free yet looped in.

Audiobook Process

Final formatting, and Designing

After it’s been edited, your audiobook narrator will add in the final notes and ending remarks and format it according to audiobook publishing standards. Any sound disturbances will be cleared out, and the narration will be enhanced and smoothened to the max, along with some autotune to make it more profound for the listeners.

Audiobook Process

Publishing and Promotion

Now, after your approval, your audiobook will be published for the world to listen to. Our team of audiobook professionals will also be helping you out when it comes to generating more traffic, publicity, and other marketing strategies.You will also have access to our analytics dashboard, where you can track your audiobook's performance, audience feedback, and earnings.

Get Ahead Of The Audiobook Game, The Wright Way

Let your audience immerse in the sound of your words and your voice with the complete audiobook experience. With us, we make sure every word is a tiny audio masterpiece, combining to create an audiobook wonder each time. Here's why partnering with the UK's leading audi obook services is the right way to spread your wings in the literary world:

  • Skillful narrators and good audiobooks add a much deeper level of emotion, experience, and drama than simple words.
  • Your story can be heard even as they go about day-to-day tasks, allowing it to be so much more accessible.
  • Audiobooks will also offer you an additional revenue stream, which is always beneficial.
audiobook services

Why Wright Book Associates is the right choice

Professional Narrator

Professional Narrators

We’ve got the UK's professional audiobook narrators ready to give you a solid digital presence in the audiobook world. Our professional audiobook narrators have all the expertise and experience to help with the best services.

Quality Audiobook Recording

Quality Audiobook Recording

Our audiobook services bring you top-notch, crystal-clear recordings, so if you want quality at a budget, you’ve come to the right place. Our audiobook editors will make sure all the voice-narrations are pristine to the T.

Timely Submissions

Timely Submissions

From being extremely dedicated and immersed in bringing your audiobook to life, our audiobook creation team will be sure to deliver just in time. They'll be sure to give you your audiobook, just the way you want it.

Multilingual Experts

Multilingual Experts

Guess what? We’ll help you transcend language barriers with our audiobook services. Get more readers than ever before with our multilingual audiobook creation service, which allows you to choose narrations in different languages.

Look What Our Clients Says About Our Audiobook Services:

David K., Birmingham

Turning my book into an audiobook with Wright Book Associates was a brilliant move. Their choice of narrator and production quality elevated my story to a new level. I've received rave reviews from listeners who appreciate the immersive experience.

David K., Birmingham

Hannah S., Edinburgh

I'm a big fan of audiobooks, so having my own book available in audio format was a dream come true. Wright Book Associates produced an audiobook that captured the essence of my book perfectly. Their attention to detail in narration and sound quality is commendable.

Hannah S., Edinburgh

John P., Bristol

The audiobook produced by Wright Book Associates allowed me to reach a wider audience. The narrator's voice was engaging, and the sound quality was impeccable. It's been a great addition to my book's offerings.

John P., Bristol

Isabella H., Cardiff

I was hesitant about creating an audiobook, but Wright Book Associates made the process seamless. Their team handled everything, from casting the narrator to editing, and the final result was a professionally produced audiobook that exceeded my expectations.

Isabella H., Cardiff

Frequently Asked Questions

Ahead are answers to commonly asked questions. We are happy to address any additional questions you may have via email, live chat or phone.

We will start by carefully selecting a professional narrator with a voice that suits your content. The text will then be adapted to a script, recorded, edited, and finally, produced into a high-quality audiobook.

The timeline for creating an audiobook can vary depending on the length and complexity of the content. On average, it may take several weeks to a few months to complete the entire production process.

We can assist with audiobook distribution as well. We offer guidance on selecting distribution platforms, formatting the audiobook for various platforms, and helping you get your audiobook to market effectively.

Absolutely, we have a pool of talented narrators with diverse styles and voices. We'll work with you to select a narrator who best complements your content and the intended audience.

We have experience producing audiobooks across a wide range of genres and content types, including fiction, non-fiction, self-help, biographies, and more. We can adapt to your specific project's requirements.

The cost of creating an audiobook depends on factors such as the length of the manuscript, choice of narrator, production quality, and any additional services like distribution. We provide custom quotes based on your unique project requirements to ensure a tailored solution within your budget.

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