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Top 5 Bestselling Books Written By Ghostwriters

5 bestselling books written by ghostwriters

Is it a contradiction to call someone a “famous ghostwriter”? Well, not exactly.

Surprisingly, some of your best-loved books weren’t entirely written by the people whose names grace the covers but by ghostwriters. Everyone in the industry knows that these behind-the-scenes writers do a lot of the work. Additionally, they can sometimes churn out intriguing stories that are praised worldwide.

We’re here to shine the spotlight on these literary creations and showcase how ghostwriters have become a part of the literary world. We compiled a list of five books written by ghostwriters that are praised as bestsellers.

List of 5 Books Written by Ghostwriters| The New York Times Best Seller

Some of these notable works include:

1. James Patterson’s BookShots:

James Patterson's BookShots

A series of fast-paced, short novels by James Patterson, who often collaborates with co-authors to produce a large volume of bestsellers. The BookShots series covers a wide range of genres, from suspense and romance to crime and mystery, making it accessible to a broad readership.

James Patterson’s collaboration with various authors has allowed him to explore different writing styles and themes while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency. BookShots are designed to be accessible and engaging, providing readers with quick literary escapes.

2. Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine:

Goosebumps series

While R.L. Stine is the face of the series, some of the books were ghostwritten by other authors, contributing to its immense success. R.L. Stine‘s work, both those he authored himself and those with ghostwriters, has been instrumental in cultivating a love for reading and a fascination with the horror genre among young readers.

The combination of Stine’s personal writing and collaborations with ghostwriters allowed for the rapid creation of numerous Goosebumps titles, satisfying the demand of enthusiastic readers.

3. Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and Hardy Boys series:

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and Hardy Boys series
These beloved series were originally created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer and ghostwritten by various authors under pseudonyms like Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon. Both series, which feature resilient and autonomous teenage investigators, helped pave the pathway for an entirely new generation of young adult mystery literature.
The Nancy Drew story and the Hardy Boys have left an everlasting imprint on culture as a whole, influencing generations of readers and spawning adaptations in a variety of media mediums.

4. The Reagan Diaries:

The Reagan Diaries

A memoir written by William Novak under the pen name Nancy Reagan and published under her name. Ghostwriter William Novak’s ability to faithfully capture Nancy Reagan’s voice and experiences made the diary a compelling and insightful read.

The book primarily consists of Nancy Reagan’s diary entries during her time as First Lady. It offers an intimate look at her life, political events, and personal reflections. The book was well-received for providing a behind-the-scenes view of the Reagan administration and Mrs. Reagan’s influential role.

5. The Hardy Boys Casefiles:

The Hardy Boys Casefiles
A spin-off series from the original “Hardy Boys,” many of these novels were ghostwritten. These books showcase how collaborating with books written by ghostwriters can help authors and publishers produce a prolific body of work, achieving bestseller status on The New York Times list and captivating readers worldwide.
The Casefiles represented a more mature and action-oriented direction for the Hardy Boys, reflecting changing reader preferences. Ghostwriters played a crucial role in shaping the stories and maintaining the series’ relevance to its evolving audience.
These books not only highlight the creative synergy between authors and ghostwriters for books but also underscore the significance of accessibility, cultural impact, and the ability to adapt to changing literary landscapes.
The fact that each book on this list has been on the New York Times Best Seller list is evidence that high standards are consistently maintained.

Types of Books Written by Ghostwriters- Beyond Memoirs and Novels

Ghostwriting, a practice deeply ingrained in the world of literature, is not confined to the realm of memoirs and novels alone. It extends its invisible hand to various forms of written communication and creative endeavors.

Here, we explore how ghostwriting transcends the boundaries of traditional genres and delves into uncharted territories:

Political Speeches:

Winston Churchill: The legendary British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, often sought the assistance of professional speechwriters. His iconic speeches, including the wartime address “We Shall Fight on the Beaches,” were crafted collaboratively to resonate with the masses.

Op-Eds and Articles:

Stephen Hawking: The late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking collaborated with co-authors to pen op-eds, scientific papers, and articles. His insights reached a global audience, furthering the understanding of complex astrophysical concepts.

Historical Accounts:

David Attenborough: The celebrated natural historian and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has partnered with writers to document his adventures and contributions to the field of wildlife preservation. These accounts have educated and inspired generations.

Autobiographies and Biographies:

Elton John: The legendary musician Elton John worked with autobiograpghy ghostwriters to articulate his remarkable life journey in his autobiography “Me.” The book offers an intimate glimpse into his world, from fame to personal struggles.

Business Publications:

Richard Branson: The business magnate Sir Richard Branson has co-authored several books and business guides. Ghostwriters have played a pivotal role in capturing his entrepreneurial spirit and vision.

Screenplays and Scripts:

Renowned British actors and directors have engaged ghostwriters to refine scripts for films and theater productions. The collaborative process ensures that dialogues and narratives captivate audiences worldwide.

Tips to Find Your Ideal Pen Pal?

Ghostwriters have indeed transformed the way we write, from creating the first draft to editing and proofreading. Now that you have seen the proof of ghostwriter boosting the writer’s talents, you might be wondering how to get in touch with one on your own.

When selecting a ghostwriter for books written by ghostwriters, engage in a thorough vetting process. Seek a competent and experienced writer who aligns with your project.

Books written by ghostwriters is undoubtedly a good move for your next book or memoir. But beware of these crucial points before hiring:

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Industry Insight Matters:

  • Not all ghostwriters stay abreast of industry trends. Be sure your ghostwriter understands what publishers and agents seek, increasing your chances of publication.
  • Beware of exaggerated claims. Selling your manuscript is the ultimate goal, and while some ghostwriters claim dozens of sales, the reality can differ.
  • Honesty is vital. Transparency is key if your ghostwriter doesn’t see eye-to-eye with your project.
  • Ghostwriters must respect confidentiality. Look for those who secure non-disclosure agreements from clients.
  • Large ghostwriting firms might outsource work to other writers. Ensure your contract specifies who will be handling your project.
  • Bargaining for a lower fee may compromise the quality of your work. Adequate compensation often results in a better product.
  • Ghostwriters often offer hybrid services, where you can collaborate on parts of the manuscript, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Ghostwriters may not always provide the best guidance on every aspect of your project. Consider consulting different experts for writing, selling, and marketing.
  • Ghostwriters are human, and perfection is not guaranteed. Be prepared for potential imperfections and consider additional editing.

Final Note:

Ghostwriting is an art with many facets. Selecting the right ghostwriter from wrightbookassociates can bring your project to life while honoring your vision. When you delve into the world of books written by ghostwriters, remember that these hidden talents play a crucial role in shaping literary masterpieces. The impact of ghostwriting extends beyond the printed page, enriching various aspects of communication and storytelling. From politicians to scientists, they have embraced this practice to convey their messages effectively, enlightening and entertaining audiences globally.


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